Application of Qirod inverter in China National Gold Group Liaoning Tianli Gold Industry Co., Ltd.

2015-12-10 00:00:00 上海奇电电气科技有限公司 Viewd 852

Recently, a batch of QD200 series high-performance vector inverters independently developed and produced by our company have been successfully applied in a frequency conversion and energy-saving renovation project of Liaoning Tianli Gold Industry Co., Ltd. At present, the whole system is running smoothly and normally. At the same time, a significant energy saving effect is achieved.

Liaoning Tianli Gold Industry Co., Ltd. is a state-owned high-tech joint-stock enterprise in my country's gold industry jointly established by China National Gold Corporation, Changchun Gold Research Institute, Fengcheng Gold (Group) Co., Ltd. and Beijing Guoyuan Investment Co., Ltd. The company actively implements the relevant national energy-saving and environmental protection policies. In order to make the main power-consuming equipment achieve high-efficiency and energy-saving operation, the high-power motor drive system such as fans, ball mills, slurry pumps and other high-power motor drive systems are transformed with frequency conversion and speed regulation. Our company relies on a complete technical service system. And the supply capacity of complete sets of equipment, stand out among many inverter manufacturers, and finally win the favor of customers.

So far, the fans, ball mills, slurry pumps and other equipment have been in stable and normal operation after frequency conversion, and have achieved considerable energy-saving benefits. At the same time, the adjustability of the entire production process has been improved, and the energy-saving potential and Economic benefits have also been brought into play to a greater extent.