Rework Process

In order to protect your rights, please submit the following information in time when applying for repairs:

(1) Please specify the machine model and product serial number

(2) Please clarify product failure, application and load type

(3) Please specify the customer address, contact person and contact information in detail

After returning for repair, please record your relevant product information and logistics information in time to check the repair progress.

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Warranty Process

  • 01

    Call the 400-021-3638 hotline for the repair address and contact information

  • 02

    Send it for repair or send it by mail for repair, indicating the failure phenomenon

  • 03

    Receipt, test and repair quotation

  • 04

    Confirm Repair

  • 05

    Maintenance, system test aging, packaging

  • 06

    Returned within 3 working days after receiving the faulty machine

Warranty Process