Service Philosophy

Provide professional services to customers wholeheartedly, and strive to create a "five-heart" level of service quality
Service Philosophy
  • Attentively /

    The 400 hotline is open 24 hours a day. Fax, email, QQ, and telephone are all-round and multi-channel to accept customer problems. Technical personnel are 24 hours a day to answer customer problems.

  • Heart /

    Respond to customer needs within 30 minutes, and arrive at the customer site within 24 hours for major problems.

  • Patience /

    Professionally and patiently solve various problems for customers and resolve various doubts of users in use.

  • Intimate / Intimate

    Regularly visit customers, care for customers' feelings about the use of products, and ensure normal use of products.

  • Rest assured / Rest assured

    The quality is trustworthy, and the service is worry-free after sale.

Service Promise

Lifetime Paid Service

  • 30 minute phone response


  • One month refund

    Support Your "Right to Regret"

  • Three-month replacement

    Support Your "Right to Regret"

  • 12 months free maintenance

    Professional master free on-site maintenance

Service Content

  • When the customer needs help, assist the customer to install and debug the product;

  • Provide consumers with regular telephone return visits or door-to-door return visits;

  • According to customer requirements, provide technical guidance on use, etc.;
  • Implement "Three Guarantees" for products, that is, repair, replacement, and return;

  • Guarantee the supply of maintenance spare parts;

  • Handle consumer letters, visits and telephone complaints, and answer consumer inquiries. At the same time, various methods are used to collect consumers' opinions on product quality and make timely improvements according to the situation.  

  • Responsible for maintenance services and quickly respond to customer maintenance needs;
Service Content