Qirod inverters have been successfully exported to South America, helping to upgrade the oil pump test bench industry

2015-12-10 00:00:00 上海奇电电气科技有限公司 Viewd 891

Recently, 9 sets of 22KW inverters from Shanghai Qirod Electric have been successfully applied to the oil pump test bench products exported by Taian Nantai Test Equipment Co., Ltd. to South America, which has become another successful case to verify the high performance and high stability of our company's products.

Taian Nantai Test Equipment Co., Ltd. is currently the largest manufacturer of oil pump test benches in Asia, and its products have been successfully exported to Russia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America, Africa and other countries around the world.

Since all the products are exported to foreign countries, the manufacturer has very strict requirements on the frequency converter, the core component of the electric control system of the oil pump test bench, which can not only fully meet the requirements of the oil pump test bench industry with large low-frequency torque, speed fluctuation less than 3r/min at high speed, Technical indicators such as strong anti-interference ability of communication and product shock resistance, and more importantly, the product stability must be high, which can ensure the continuous operation of the product during the warranty period in a relatively harsh environment. After the factory's strict screening of inverter manufacturers, Shanghai Qirod Electric's QD200 series inverter finally won the order by virtue of its excellent technical performance and excellent product reliability, beating many well-known inverter manufacturers at home and abroad.

As an innovative masterpiece in the low-voltage inverter industry, Shanghai Qirod QD series has taken the product line of high technology platform, high R&D level, and high market positioning from the beginning. Provide the best quality and thoughtful service support. It is believed that Shanghai Qirod will continue to lead the technological development of the entire domestic industrial control industry and drive the upgrading and transformation of the industry, making greater contributions to the strong revival of the national industry and the substitution of domestic imports for imports.