• Chemical Industry

    Chemical Industry

    Chemical industry is a major power consumer in today's industrial enterprises. At present, my country is the largest developing country in the world. The degree of dependence on natural resources accounts for more than 60%. The energy problem is a serious challenge. There are two ways to fundamentally solve the energy problem. : First, open source, and second, energy saving. Frequency conversion energy-saving technology is a high-efficiency energy-saving new technology with wide application, quick effect and short payback period. Various industries have been widely used.

  • Lifting Industry

    Lifting Industry

    Danahe can provide customers with complete products and solutions for tower cranes, gantry cranes, construction elevators, port cranes, RTGs, electric hoists, etc.; can provide customized drives for different crane needs for the lifting industry. At the same time, we It is also committed to the energy-saving transformation of various cranes and contributes to the green industry.

  • Air Compressor

    Air Compressor

    Danahe provides customers with comprehensive solutions and customized integrated drives for air compressors, which perfectly combine control and drive to make the operation of air compressors more energy-efficient, efficient and stable. At the same time, we also provide advanced overall solutions for synchronous machine air compressors and high-pressure air compressor solutions.
  • Steel Industry

    Steel Industry

    Steel is an important indicator of the national economy and a symbol of a country's manufacturing strength. Shanghai Qidian Electric has a wealth of products such as high-voltage inverters, low-voltage inverters and engineering inverters, and has a deep understanding of various technological processes of steel production. From ironmaking to steelmaking and rolling, we can provide overall solutions. We provide energy-saving renovation solutions for key equipment such as blast furnace blowers, sintering main exhaust fans, and dust removal fans, as well as overall solutions for electromagnetic stirring, hot rolling, and cold rolling.

  • Machine Tool

    Machine Tool

    Danahe has rich application experience in the field of domestic CNC machine tools. We can provide inverters, servo systems and other products. Our products are widely used in CNC lathes, grinders, engraving and milling machines, forging machine tools, punching machines, and have advanced solutions such as spindle servo drive, servo tool rest, and flexible tapping applications.

  • Fan Pump

    Fan Pump

    The application of Danahe inverter on fans and pumps has significant energy-saving effect, and has excellent control characteristics of non-shock start and soft stop, which can greatly extend the service life of mechanical equipment and reduce equipment maintenance. At the same time, we incorporate the frequency conversion control device into the automatic control system, which is of great value in reducing system costs and improving system reliability. Our inverters have been widely used in metallurgy, electric power, petrochemical, heating and civil fan and water pump control fields.

  • Petrochemical


    The petroleum and petrochemical field is an important economic lifeline of the country. Danahe has a variety of drive products such as high-voltage inverters, low-voltage inverters, and engineering inverters for oil exploration and refining. Our products can be used in land oil drilling platforms, offshore oil drilling platforms, pumping units, screw pumps and other equipment.
  • Municipal Engineering

    Municipal Engineering

    Danahe's inverters, soft starters and servos have been widely used in municipal fields such as heating, HVAC, water works and sewage treatment plants. Our products and solutions have remarkable energy-saving effects, safe and reliable operation, and are the guarantee for the stable operation of the municipal system.

  • Rubber Industry

    Rubber Industry

    Danahe is committed to the efficiency improvement and energy saving application of the existing equipment of end customers in the rubber field. The customized high-voltage inverter for internal mixers we provide has been used in many tire factories, which can greatly improve production efficiency and save energy.

  • Non-ferrous Metals

    Non-ferrous Metals

    Danahe's frequency converters are also widely used in the non-ferrous metal industry. Our customized solutions can be effectively applied to machines such as straight wire drawing machines, water tank wire drawing machines, stranding machines and high-speed stranding machines, achieving significant energy saving effect.

  • Other


    Danahe is a modern, high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, manufacture and sales of frequency converters, soft starters and servo drives. Based on the power electronic technology and automation control technology with independent intellectual property rights, the company is committed to building an internationally advanced and domestic first-class electric drive technology and industrial control platform. Danahe is widely used in machine tools, metal products, plastics, printing and packaging, textile and chemical fiber, building materials, metallurgy, coal mining, municipal and other industries.