Indian customers visit our company

2015-12-10 00:00:00 上海奇电电气科技有限公司 Viewd 1094

Recently, a group of Indian customers visited our company for on-site inspection, and the company's main leaders, R&D, production and other related personnel gave warm reception.

Under the explanation of our staff, Indian customers visited the overall production process of the inverter in detail, and had a long-term technical exchange with our R&D personnel, and gave our company's R&D capabilities, quality control, delivery cycle, etc. Fully affirmed, and said that they will fully cooperate with our company to strive for greater sales in the Indian market. During the inspection process, the customer put forward some unique phenomena in the Indian market. For example, the climate in India is very hot, and the inverter should fully consider exhaust air and heat dissipation to improve durability. Our staff explained in detail about the high temperature environment from the perspective of technology and application The non-derating operation technology developed has made the allowable ambient temperature of our company's products much higher than the industry standard, and finally confirmed that our products can fully meet their requirements and won high recognition from customers.

In recent years, India's economy has grown rapidly, and the demand for automation and energy-saving products has increased year by year. The Indian market is also the overseas market where our company currently sells the most. This customer visit has made further breakthroughs for our company's development in overseas markets. At the same time, we have also learned some special requirements for the application of products in foreign markets, which will greatly improve our company's R&D strength and accumulation of field application experience. Great help.