In recent years, industrial washing equipment is mainly based on water washing equipment, and the application of frequency converters has become more and more popular. Therefore, frequency converters have brought a new technological revolution to industrial washing equipment. D71 inverter has built-in simple PLC function, which can realize automatic multi-speed, forward and reverse functions without external controller. It has a wide range of applications in the industrial washing machine industry.

Features of Qidian inverter QD6600


D71 is a wall-mounted inverter, the power range is 0.75KW-500KW, the voltage level of the incoming line voltage is 380V-480V, and the control method is vector control without speed sensor.

D71 has a wealth of control devices, including 8 digital inputs (LI1-LI8), 2 analog inputs (AI), 2 relay outputs (TA), 2 analog outputs (AO), 5V auxiliary power supply for analog power supply Fixed input, 24V auxiliary power supply is used for digital input, all LI/TA, AI/AO can be freely programmed to define functions.

MODBUS interface is standard configuration of D71, no option is required. The D71 can be connected to higher-level automation systems via MODBUS.

Solution advantage


  • Large starting torque, 1.5 times the torque output at open-loop 0.5Hz, with strong low-frequency load capacity;

  • It has the advantage of fast torque response, and when the load fluctuates, the current fluctuation is small;

  • Large margin design of IGBT module, suitable for long-term operation of frequent forward and reverse high current;

  • High speed control precision, stable speed at high frequency;

  • Built-in simple PLC function, no need for external washing machine controller;

  • It has strong environmental adaptability, and the completely independent air duct design can greatly improve the resistance to harsh environments such as oil pollution, dust and damp heat.


System Introduction:

In this system, the 7.5KW motor of the industrial washing machine is controlled by the D71 11KW inverter, the function of the washing machine controller is realized through the built-in simple PLC function, and the rapid braking and parking are realized through the braking resistor.

System Introduction:
technical parameter

Technical Parameter:

Inverter technical parametersDevice configuration
    Model: D71-X    Output current: 124.6A    One D71 inverter
    Input voltage: 3-phase, 380-480V    Frequency range: 0-400Hz    7.5KW industrial washing machine and motor
    Input frequency: 50/60Hz ±5%    Overload capacity: 150%, 60 seconds    Braking resistor
    Output power: 11KW
    Ambient temperature: -10-40°C
    Output voltage: 0-480V (the maximum value is determined by the input voltage)    Protection level: IP20
On Site Usage:
On site usage

On Site Usage:

According to the on-site space situation, a D71 series inverter is installed in the control cabinet, and the inverter installation and on-site motor are as shown in the figure

running result

Running Result:

The industrial washing machine control system using D71 inverter has been put into operation for more than three years, and has achieved good economic and social benefits:

  • The control device operates reliably, has good environmental adaptability, can resist harsh environments such as oil pollution, dust and damp heat, and has a low failure rate;

  • Excellent current limiting characteristics, strong overload capacity, can effectively reduce frequency conversion overload, overcurrent protection, and maximize production continuity;

  • The economic benefits are significant, and the entire investment increased by the frequency conversion control system can be recovered in more than one year.

Running Result:
Customer Benefits:
Customer benefits

Customer Benefits:

  • Built-in simple PLC function, saving customer cost;

  • The running speed is stable throughout the whole process to ensure the cleaning process requirements;

  • Noise is significantly reduced and quieter;

  • The economic benefits are significant, and the entire investment increased by the frequency conversion control system can be recovered in more than one year.