Successful application of Qirod inverter in Dalian Huarui Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd.

2015-12-10 00:00:00 上海奇电电气科技有限公司 Viewd 911

Recently, the QD200 series high-performance vector inverter independently developed and produced by our company has been successfully applied to the new series of overhead cranes produced by Dalian Huarui Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd., featuring high safety and reliability, large lifting torque and stable operation. And other characteristics, has been fully recognized by customers.

Dalian Huarui Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd. is a holding subsidiary of Dalian Heavy Industry & Hoisting Group Co., Ltd. It is a large-scale key enterprise in the national heavy machinery industry and a key enterprise in the manufacture of new energy equipment, mainly in energy, mining, ports, metallurgy, etc. The basic industries of the national economy provide complete sets of technical equipment, high-tech products and services.

Overhead cranes, commonly known as traveling cranes, are important lifting equipment in large-scale manufacturing workshops. The traveling control requires high requirements for smooth movement, safety and reliability. In the whole driving transmission mechanism, the lifting mechanism is the most critical part. Since the driving is usually equipped with brakes, the core of the whole control is to realize the timing control of the torque output of the inverter and the brake clutch. In the past, the speed regulation was realized by connecting the rotor in series with the resistance, and the series resistance speed regulation belongs to the step-by-step speed regulation. The impact current and mechanical impact are large during starting and braking, and the hook slip phenomenon is easy to occur when the timing control is not good.

After using Shanghai Qirod QD200 series inverter, the performance of the whole system has been greatly improved. The wiring of the scheme is simple, the control is simple, and the lifting torque is sufficient when the steel parts are lifted by the trial operation, especially the performance is stable at high speed; Smooth movement, excellent acceleration and deceleration performance during movement, no overcurrent, overvoltage and other faults occurred during the entire debugging process, and the machine performance has been fully tested on site.