Qirod won the top ten innovation!

2015-12-10 00:00:00 上海奇电电气科技有限公司 Viewd 1134

Recently, the 11th Inverter Industry Entrepreneur Forum with the theme of "Making a Story and Breaking the Game - The Choice and Breakthrough of the Inverter Industry in the Era of Industry 4.0" opened in Suzhou Science and Technology City, attracting nearly 300 industry experts from across the country to attend.

At present, China has become the world's largest power electronics market. Among them, infrastructure construction, power grid transformation, new energy development, and electric vehicles are all inseparable from inverters. my country's inverter market maintains an annual growth rate of 12% to 15%. Rate. The arrival of the era of intelligence and digitization has put forward higher requirements for the inverter industry. The pursuit of "high quality, low cost, individualization, diversification, and energy conservation and environmental protection" has brought new challenges to China's inverter industry.

The two-day forum was held through four major sections: "Policy Interpretation, Technology Discussion, Industry Application, and Industry Development". Professors from Zhejiang University, Shanghai University and other universities also gave an in-depth interpretation of the application of frequency converters in the fields of new energy, electric vehicles, ships, offshore platforms, and rail transit.

Shanghai Qirod Electric Technology Co., Ltd. won the honor of the top ten innovation in this forum, which is inseparable from the efforts and sweat of every colleague in the company. We firmly believe that Gezhi will make us go further for the labor union.