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D71 is a wall-mounted inverter with a power range of 0.75KW-500KW, and the voltage level control mode of the incoming line voltage is 380V-480V, which is vector control without speed sensor. The speed sensorless vector control is especially suitable for fans and pumps. The speed sensorless vector control not only has a speed closed loop but also a current closed loop, and the steady-state current of the motor is more stable.

D71 has a wealth of client terminals, including 8 digital inputs (LI1-LI8), 2 analog inputs (AI), 2 relay outputs (TA), 2 analog outputs (AO), 5V auxiliary power supply for analog input Fixed input, 24V auxiliary power supply is used for digital input, all LI/TA, AI/AO can be freely programmed to define functions. MODBUS interface is standard configuration of D71, no option is required. The D71 can be connected to higher-level automation systems via MODBUS. D71 series inverter has built-in PID function, the operation is more flexible, and there are many ways to control the interface.