Running Result:

2022-04-09 15:05:27 上海奇电电气科技有限公司 Viewd 152

The air compressor frequency conversion transformation system using D31 inverter has been put into operation for more than two years, and has achieved good economic and social benefits:

  • The control device operates reliably and has a low failure rate; 

  • The air pressure is stable, so that the system pressure change of the pipe network is kept within the range of ±0.2bar, which effectively improves the quality of the working conditions; 

  • Enhance the reliability of the system, reduce the noise of the air compressor, and prolong the service life of the compressor; 

  • The economic benefits are remarkable, the energy cost is reduced by 44.3%, and the maintenance cost is significantly reduced. The statistics of actual operation show that it can save  651,900 kWh of electricity a year. Calculated at 0.3 yuan per kilowatt-hour, about 195,600 yuan in electricity savings. The electricity bill is saved by more than 20%, and the invested funds can be recovered in about half a year.