Running Result:

2022-04-09 15:05:27 上海奇电电气科技有限公司 Viewd 145

The constant pressure water supply system using D32 inverter has been put into operation for more than three years, and has achieved good economic and social benefits:

  • The control device operates reliably and has a low failure rate;

  • The water supply pressure is stable, which eliminates the disadvantages of high-rise households cutting off water during peak water use and excessive pipe pressure during water trough periods;

  • Solve the problem of sand removal when the pump is turned on and the overflow problem during operation;

  • The economic benefits are remarkable, and the actual operation statistics show that 432,600 kWh of electricity can be saved in one year. Calculated at 0.3 yuan per kilowatt-hour, about 129,800 yuan in electricity costs can be saved. More than one year can recover all the increased investment of the constant pressure water supply automatic control system.