System Introduction:

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In this system, three deep well pumps are used, and one 45KW deep well pump is used as a normally open pump to maintain the basic water supply function. A 75kW deep well pump is used as the main control pump, and a frequency converter constant pressure automatic water supply control device is installed. When the water consumption changes, the speed of the pump is adjusted to realize constant pressure water supply of the water supply network. A 75kW deep well pump is installed with a set of full digital The AC motor soft start controller is used as an auxiliary control pump. When the water supply volume changes greatly, if the main control pump has been working at full frequency (or minimum frequency), the pressure of the water supply pipe network cannot be guaranteed to be constant. The controller makes the auxiliary control pump start (or stop) running, and then the main control pump runs at a variable speed to adjust the water pressure of the pipe network to keep it constant.

1- Power switch 2- One-way water valve 3- Pump reactance 4- Deep well water source 5- Pressure sensor