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  • With excellent low-frequency torque characteristics, it can provide 0.5Hz 150% of the rated torque to ensure the smooth start of the variable frequency crane.

  • Reliable brake logic control, the brake time is adjustable, while ensuring that the hook does not slip, it also avoids the large inrush current of the motor.

  • The acceleration and deceleration process is in accordance with the S-curve mode, which increases the stability of the work, reduces the mechanical impact, and prolongs the service life of the equipment.

  • The starting current is small, the current impact on the power grid is small, the waste of power supply is greatly reduced, and the energy saving effect is obvious.

  • Complete protection function, improve safety factor and facilitate inspection and maintenance.

  • It has strong environmental adaptability, and the completely independent air duct design can greatly improve the resistance to harsh environments such as oil pollution, dust and damp heat.